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Services that I offer

Spiritual Readings

I connect to those who have crossed over so you can get the closure and peace you need. Sometimes a loved one dies before we can tell them how much we love them or A loved one passes and we need to hear from them to see if they are okay, or are they okay with something that is going on in your life. 

I charge $40.00 per reading. 

Crossing Over Spirits

I help those who are still "stuck" here on earth crossover. There are many spirits that for many reasons don't cross on their own. If you feel you have a EB (earth bound spirit) hanging around, I can help to cross them over. 

Cost can vary depending on the travel. 

Spirit Crossings

I can help those who are getting ready to leave this earth to cross over to the other side. I will be there to guide them and ask for a loved one to come to them and lead them home.